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What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is about finding out the underlying cause(s) of why you feel the way you do and/or why you suffer from certain disease states.

At it's core functional medicine seeks to restore optimal function.  The goal is to uncover the root cause of of your disease/condition and to treat accordingly to ensure that you have the best quality of life and to optimize your health status.  By treating the root cause often times we can reverse the disease process.  

For instance, according to medical literature having a vitamin D status is considered within normal parameters (ranges typically go from  1-100).  However, at 30 your body still isn't functioning optimally.   Sure, you can live with a vitamin D status of 30, but are you functioning optimally?   In this scenario functional medicine seeks to optimize  your vitamin D status, which ultimately improves functional health including improvements in immune function, hormone balance, and cognitive improvements. 

With that being said we believe that if we address the underlying cause of your conditions (and not just treating symptoms) we can restore your health.

What's the difference between integrative medicine and functional medicine?

Integrative medicine and functional medicine are terms often used interchangeably and rightfully so.  Other terms that are commonly used include alternative medicine, naturopathic medicine, and holistic medicine.  

However, integrative medicine includes ALL -- functional, Western, alternative, holistic, and naturopathic medicine -- hence the name integrative medicine. 

By offering our patients treatments from both Western medicine and integrative medicine we create an environment conducive of maximizing people's health care outcomes.  

How is my blood work obtained?

We can submit a lab requisition form to your primary care provider for you to undergo a blood draw.  Also, we have partnered with various labs that offer discounted rates on cash-paying patients.  If you want to order labs on your own please visit 

Some patients don't have a PCP and choose to use labs that we've partnered with.  Such labs include Any Lab Test Now and LabCorp, and Ulta Wellness.  Using these third-party labs allows us to ensure costs are kept affordable and transparent.  

Depending on what your treatment plan includes sometimes we order lab kits that you can perform in-home.  Such specialized labs includes ZRT Laboratories and Great Plains Labs.  Once again, our goal to be affordable and make functional medicine accessible to all.

What supplements should I use? Can I get them online?

We have partnered with FullScript as they provide high-quality, medically-approved dietary supplements. We chose FullScript as they have products that are certified organic, GMO-free, vegan, and NSF compliant.

Sometimes patients prefer to get their products online or at local nutrition stores however the dosages prescribed are often not at therapeutic levels nor is the purity and safety interrogated enough.  

Will The Restore Clinic replace my PCP? What is direct integrative medicine?

Our goal isn't to replace your PCP.  Instead, we want to be part of your health care team by providing an interdisciplinary approach to healing you and improving your health.  However, we want to be your primary integrative medicine point of care, hence our moniker direct integrative medicine. 

Direct integrative medicine is similar to how some primary care docs are doing direct primary care.  Some people refer to this as concierge medicine.  This means that for a fee you can have access to us for your integrative health care concerns.  By being a direct integrative provider we are your go-to for all things integrative.  This means we are here for your hormone optimization, nutraceutical management, gut health, thyroid disease therapies, etc.  Just give us a ring and we're here for your access. 

While there may be times that you want us to take over your PCP's current health management we are not here to do that.  Certain situations require you to have a PCP - these include needing routine physicals, FMLA or worker's comp documentation, and needing referrals. 

We are specialists in functional medicine and want to focus solely on staying within the scope of our practice.  This is no different than asking your cardiologist to manage your sprained ankle. 

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we currently accept BCBS, Oscar, Aetna, Cigna, and Humana.  If you have one of the aforementioned insurers, then we can file a claim for your appointments through them.  If we order blood tests, then you can get your labs drawn at an outside facility such as LabCorp, Pathgroup, Quest, or even your PCP.  You would bill your lab order through your insurance (not through us).  

Also, some of our advanced diagnostic tests are not covered by insurance, therefore you would pay cash for them.  However, we can provide you with an itemized superbill and instructions on how to submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement.  

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