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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

*Packages do not include functional medicine tests unless specified. Furthermore, packages do not include prescription medications or nutraceutical costs. Packages are paying for consultation time and personalized recommendations. Functional medicine packages include genetic nutrition testing whereas consultations do not. Some labs can be obtained from a blood draw site near you (i.e. LabCorp, Any Lab Tests Now) for a cash price or billed to your insurance. Patients with a primary care provider (PCP) can obtain necessary blood drawn labs through their PCP.


All payments are due prior to your scheduled visit.  Any cancellations done without a 24 hour notice are subject to a $30 fee, which will need to be remitted prior to future appointment scheduling.  Concierge memberships must be purchased in 6 month or 12 month packages and must be paid in-full.  Concierge memberships can be cancelled at any time prior to reaching month 6 or month 12 of each membership cycle however you will not be remitted a prorated amount proportionate to the number of months left prior to discontinuing our services.  

There may be times that your provider is out of town or unavailable; during these times your monthly membership will be prorated accordingly based on how many days they are out.  If concierge memberships are paid in full and the provider will be out of town during your subscription you will be reimbursed the prorated amount.

Medications, lab work, advanced diagnostic testing, or supplements/nutraceuticals are not included in the memberships or individual appointments.  All patients will be provided a menu of our diagnostic tests and the costs of the tests.  Which tests needed, if any, will be discussed during your appointment(s).  

Furthermore, we only treat patients ages 12 and above and we do not admit to hospitals or complete FMLA/worker's comp.  We do reserve the right to refuse service to any patients.


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