What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is providing medical and health consults using technology.  We can discuss your health concerns from your phone or your computer in a HIPPA-compliant environment at your convenience.

Consults via telemedicine are no different than in-person consults.  We've partnered with labs across the country to offer you discounted rates; depending on your needs specialized labs can be mailed to you to complete at your own convenience.  

 Some of these specialized diagnostic labs include ZRT Labs, Great Plains Labs, and Diagnostic Solutions.


Using telemedicine increases accessibility to health care delivery.  You don't have to take a day off work, find a babysitter, drive long hours, or wait in a busy lobby in order to be seen.   Even if you're on vacation you can be seen.  

Furthermore, we can schedule consults on the weekends and evenings.  We believe convenience and accessibility are essential components to a healthy provider-to-patient relationship. 

So, how do we communicate?

Good question!

We use the Spruce Health app ( to engage in real time conversations.  After you've joined as a patient we'll send you an invite to download the Spruce Health app to your phone or tablet.  Also, you can join on their website. 

After you've accepted the request to join you'll create a profile.  During our scheduled time we'll both log on to begin our virtual clinic visit!  You can log on via your phone, tablet, or laptop -- easy peasy!

Using the Spruce Health app you can also send us messages, leave voicemails, and request urgent care visits. 

Click on the Spruce Health logo below to check them out.

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