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Testosterone replacement therapy (HRT)

Testosterone replacement therapy (HRT)

Testosterone replacement therapy (HRT)


Hormones are chemical messengers secreted from numerous glands throughout the body.  

Their role is to signal the actions and modulate the functions of cellular processes, your metabolism, and even the function of other organs, just to name a few.

We use peptide therapy and/or hormones compounded to doses customized to you based on your symptoms and hormone levels.  

A few of these hormones include testosterone, thyroid hormones, and IGF.  

General Wellness

Testosterone replacement therapy (HRT)

Testosterone replacement therapy (HRT)


Our weekend clinic is designed for delivering general primary care needs for busy men.  

From managing low testosterone to depression to referring you for a colonoscopy....we got your back, well, the GI will get your back!

We're specialists in men's health. 

LGBT Friendly

LGBT Friendly

LGBT Friendly


We don't discriminate.  

We. Love. Everyone. Equally.

See a provider who is non-judgmental and supports you in every aspect of your life and healthcare needs. 


LGBT Friendly

LGBT Friendly


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